Feedback from Our Founders


“When we set out to raise equity funding, we realized that our industry was ‘awash in capital’—but we did not just want to raise capital. We set out to raise capital from a partner that could also ‘raise our game’ as an organization, in essence capital with ‘value add’ due to experience and resources. Partnering with Steve and the Sunrise team has brought Maple Hill exactly this combination. Not only is the depth and experience that the Sunrise team brings to the table amazing; the way that they engage with our team is also collaborative and additive, and not heavy handed. We could not be more pleased with having Sunrise as partners in our business.”

- Tim Joseph, Founder & CEO, Maple Hill Creamery


“When we were looking for an investor, we cared most about finding the best partner—someone who would share our vision and even add to it. When I met Steve and his team, I immediately recognized the difference in Sunrise as a uniquely founder-friendly partner with immense depth of industry experience and an appreciation for our business from an operator’s perspective. It was evident that Sunrise cared more about our business succeeding than getting preferential deal terms.

Steve and his team have been the best partners we could have hoped for. They really believed in and supported our vision from the very beginning and have since helped us to understand that Kodiak Cakes’ potential is even greater than we thought. It’s amazing to have incredibly smart and seasoned veterans in your court adding tremendous value, sharing in your excitement when you have wins, and helping you through the rough spots. Steve and Sunrise have hit a great balance of being helpful and adding value without being overbearing. They are incredibly supportive and have so much to offer but allow and encourage us to make the final decisions.

Sunrise also has an aggressive growth mindset, which is really refreshing compared to many investors’ fixation on value. When it’s time to hit the gas on your business, you need an investor like Sunrise that will support you and help you do so efficiently and effectively.”

- Joel Clark, Co-Founder & CEO, Kodiak Cakes


“In addition to capital, Sunrise has brought a tremendous amount of value to the Kill Cliff business, including tools, resources, and capabilities that are helping us accelerate growth, secure new distribution, and strategically position the brand for long-term success. Sunrise is a true partner that is willing to dig in and lend a hand, providing tangible support and knowhow across business functions as challenges arise.”

- Joe Driscoll, CEO, Kill Cliff


“Sunrise remains consistently focused on Pact’s long-term growth opportunity, which allows our team to make strategic decisions that will ultimately create the most equity value for our stakeholders—despite the short-term ups and downs of a high-growth business.”

- Brendan Synnott, CEO, PACT Organic