Our Team

Deep industry experience and a strong track record of value creation

Managing Partners & Founders

Peter Burns photo

Peter Burns

Managing Partner

Vincent Love photo

Vincent Love

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Stephen Hughes photo

Stephen Hughes


Operating Partners

David Ziegert photo

David Ziegert

Operating Partner

Hunt Killough photo

Hunt Killough

Operating Partner

Mark Doiron photo

Mark Doiron

Operating Partner

Jeff Perkel photo

Jeff Perkel

Operating Partner

Randy Gilbride photo

Randy Gilbride

Vice President, Commercial Operations

Investment Professionals

Nick Molé photo

Nick Molé


Peter Schnuck photo

Peter Schnuck

Senior Associate

Lexy Brown photo

Lexy Brown



Katy Love photo

Katy Love

PR Advisor (CommOddities)

Jenn McFerron Sloan photo

Jenn McFerron Sloan

PR Advisor (CommOddities)