Why Partner with Sunrise?

We are uniquely positioned to add value because our team has navigated the challenges that growing brands face.

Few capital partners offer truly relevant experience to high growth consumer brands. SSP is uniquely positioned to add value because our team has navigated the challenges that next generation brands face.

We have skilled leaders across all functional areas with direct experience growing brands, working closely with founders and management teams, operating businesses, and achieving liquidity, in both the private/public markets.

Specific functional areas of expertise include: General Management, Commercial Strategy, Finance, Supply Chain & Operations, Marketing & eCommerce, and Consumer Research & Analytics.

We have a proven operational playbook that we tailor to the needs and opportunities of each individual business.

Within 90 days of investing, we provide, and help execute, tailored recommendations to help address business challenges, prioritize efforts, and accelerate growth across all functional areas.

The SSP team has deep experience in achieving liquidity and can facilitate strategic relationships, provide M&A and Investment Banking process guidance, and support exit readiness.

The Sunrise Playbook

Hear What Our Partners Have to Say…

Joel Clark of Kodiak Cakes

Joel Clark, Kodiak Cakes:

“The Sunrise team has been the best partner we could have hoped for. They really believed in and supported our vision from the very beginning and have since helped us to understand that Kodiak Cakes’ potential is even greater than we thought. It’s amazing to have incredibly smart and seasoned veterans in your court adding tremendous value, sharing in your excitement when you have wins, and helping you through the rough spots. Sunrise has hit a great balance of being helpful and adding value without being overbearing. They are incredibly supportive and have so much to offer but allow and encourage us to make the final decisions.

Tim Joseph of Maple Hill

Tim Joseph, Maple Hill:

“When we set out to raise equity funding, we realized that our industry was ‘awash in capital’—but we did not just want to raise capital. We set out to raise capital from a partner that could also ‘raise our game’ as an organization, in essence capital with ‘value add’ due to experience and resources. Partnering with the Sunrise team has brought Maple Hill exactly this combination. Not only is the depth and experience that the Sunrise team brings to the table amazing; the way that they engage with our team is also collaborative and additive. We could not be more pleased with having Sunrise as partners in our business.”

Brendan Synnott, Founder of Wear Pact

Brendan Synnott, Founder of Wear Pact:

“Sunrise remains consistently focused on Pact’s long-term growth opportunity, which allows our team to make strategic decisions that will ultimately create the most equity value for our stakeholders —despite the short-term ups and downs of a high-growth business.”